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  • Home & Family; Safety; Growing; Intimacy & Caring; Feelings & Moods; Nurturing; Security

Choose up to 10 of the following, or similar of your choice; in choosing, be sure that you truly desire the outcome you are wishing, and be open to the opportunities as they appear from there on, as they will.
Trust and Receive!

Foundations including your internal frame of reference, Home, Family and Gut Instincts.

  • I am easily attracting, recognizing and purchasing the perfect home for me.
  • I have attracted and am working with the perfect real estate broker who is selling my home easily at the price I am really happy with.
  • I have easily initiated the refinancing of my home in perfect timing, giving me a fabulous deal.
  • I am easily attracting, recognizing and finding myself living in the right happy ___________ (room/apartment/etc) for me at a price that is easily affordable.
  • I am easily filling the atmosphere of my home with music, beautiful aromas and other uplifting energies that are brightening the atmosphere.
  • I am investing more happy and fun time with my loving family.
  • I have an abundant feeling of increased security and joy within me.
  • I am now naturally listening to and honouring my gut instincts.

Safety, Including Security, Feelings of belonging, Protection, Tenacity, and Financial Security.

  • I am naturally and easily handling my finances in an efficient and responsible way that is creating a very stable base for me to rely on.
  • I am consistently feeling a strong sense of security in every area of my life.
  • I am naturally and easily interacting with ____________ in a way that is filling me with a sense of belonging.
  • I am easily being consistent and committed in my goal of ___________.
  • I fully trust and accept my divine protection, and my boundaries are supporting me for my highest good.

Processes, including; Training and Practicing, Early childhood conditioning, Growth and Nurturing new beginnings.

  • I am aware of, and am releasing early childhood conditioning and programming in a way that is setting me free to fully embrace and live in the now.
  • I am joyously learning and growing, and rising above all of the critical events that have happened in my life.
  • I am consciously and consistently practicing empowering approaches in my relationships.
  • I am naturally and easily sharing positive energy into the beginning stages of my new relationship with ______________.
  • I am easily and successfully training myself to _____________.
  • I am passionately embracing the process of my own expansion and personal growth.
  • I am easily honouring my integrity in the matter of _______________ with _______________.

Emotional Closeness, including: Caring, Empathy, Vulnerability, and Intimacy.

  • I am easily and naturally experiencing reciprocal feelings of caring and nurturing in my relationships with others.
  • I am easily and confidently asking for help in a way that is empowering myself and others to receive.
  • I am courageously and consistently creating intimacy, which is filling my life with joy.
  • I am embracing the joy of intimacy in a way that is healthy and empowering for me, and my relationship.
  • I easily experience empathy and constructive emotional connection with others.
  • I am empathic and understanding with others is such a way that results in mutual caring and support.
  • I am open and vulnerable in a way that is evoking positive acceptance and support from others.

Feelings, including: Changing moods, Awareness of our own feelings, Sensitivity to others’ feelings, Tenderness, Awareness of needs.

  • I am consciously and consistently communicating my feelings in responsible and appropriate ways.
  • My inner joy and happiness is bubbling up from deep within me.
  • My openness and natural warmth is supporting my emotional balance and communication/responses harmoniously.
  • The warmth of my powerful open heart is guiding and leading me into a happy passionate life.
  • My self-awareness is guiding me consciously, allowing me to be aware of others feelings.
  • I am easily and naturally experiencing the tenderness and gentleness of deeply caring about someone else.

Nurturing, Including: Being supportive, accepting support, Food, Mother, Close family relations, Taking care of others, Being taken care of by another.

  • I am easily embracing new empowering healthy habits with food.
  • I am experiencing the satisfaction of mutual emotional nourishment in all of my relationships.
  • I am consistently feeling emotionally nourished and nurtured from things that are healthy for me.
  • I am enjoying and sharing quality time with my mother, enjoying visits and recreational activities.
  • I am naturally saying the right things to my mother, which is creating an experience of mutual understanding, respect, support and love.
  • I am easily maintaining and building my own individuality whilst in the company of my family.
  • I am easily and naturally allowing others to take responsibility for their own lives whist I am taking responsibility for my own energy.
  • I am taking care of ____________ in a way that is wholesome and healthy for myself.

Excessive Self-Protection, including: Clinginess, Feelings of Insecurity, Possessiveness, Overly cautious behaviors, Fears of rejection, and a Lack of definite goals.

  • I now trust and respect the space of those close to me.
  • I honour the space of others, as I am now aware of a deep sense of security within myself.
  • I now easily allow others to take responsibility for their own lives, knowing and trusting we are divinely protected.
  • My courage is attracting my success allowing me to confidently move forward in my life.
  • I confidently breathe with ease, feeling safe and secure in my life.
  • I easily master and manage my own energy when around others emotional games.
  • I am lovingly embracing my own self-acceptance.
  • I now enjoy defining my own goals, which are empowering me to raise my vibration.

Restore Health in: Breast and chest cavity, Pancreas, Stomach, stomach gas, and ulcers, and Tumors.

  • A total healing is occurring in the area of my _______________ (above area.)
  • I am easily attracting the right healers to restore my _____________(above area) to perfect health and beauty.
  • I am attracting the right information, which is leading to a total healing in my tendency to _______________(above area.)
  • I am enjoying taking action that is restoring my _________________(above area) to perfect health and beauty.


  • 1. Always write your Goals by hand within 8 hours of the time specified above time (i.e. time as above.) Wishes can be made up to 48 hours, though for best results do within the 8hr period.
  • 2. Choose and write up to 10 wishes, date and keep your list. You may choose several on the same topic.
  • 3. Do Not make wishes for other people; you can make them for shifting your approach to others.

What does that mean? Well, it means that from the time above, any goals or focus you put on the topics above is being supported by the greater universal cycles. You have heard of planting or fishing by the moon haven’t you? Well it is just like that.

To greatly improve your chances of achieving your goals, please follow the instructions above. Be sure that what you choose is what is really important to YOU, and have fun.

So, until next month, wishing you a magical month,
To the Power Of Your Love,
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