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Set Your Life Free with N.P.R.

Setting your life free with NPR

Exclusive webinars with
Shivaya Reo



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N.P.R – Neural Pathway Rewiring, is a powerful and rapid technique for shifting old subconscious mind programs, behaviour’s and habits (which have been trapped in your Subconscious Mind) quickly and effectively from the ‘Root Cause’ aligning you to your ‘Soul Purpose.’

These exclusive N.P.R. Live Webinars will focus deeply on each of the chosen monthly topics, assisting you to get the powerful shift in consciousness, the soul level shift that you need.

You will have first hand knowledge as you personally go through the processes, with our ‘hot seat’ volunteer, allowing you, to implement the tools and techniques during the webinar. You will be guided every step of the way.

NPR is a Secret Weapon enabling You, to Start Powerfully Living Your OWN Life on Your Terms!

In these unique intriguing webinars you will:

  • Identify the Higher Purpose of the Issue
  • Discover the Secret to Returning to Inner Harmony
  • Healthy Mind = Healthy Body & Spirit
  • Heal & Empower Your life!
  • You will be Reprogramming Your Own Subconscious Mind with Greater Awareness.
  • NPR changes your DNA and so much more
Carl Jung

Until You Make the Unconscious Conscious, it WILL Direct Your Live, and You Will, Call it FATE.

Shivaya Carolyne Reo, the founder of NPR, created this process in her strong desire to help people to step more fully into their power, releasing the old emotional charges faster and deeper, with life lasting results!

NPR uses a unique combination of strategies; Word Vibrations; Love; Heart Connection; Higher Purpose Identification; Confusion & Discombobulation; Reverse Psychology; Exceptionally High Intuition; and much more. This process creates Soul Cellular Transformations

NPR is a Life Game-Changer! … and it’s a Done For You Process

Dr Joanna Martin says: “ I do work with Shivaya, when I go home, my husband has Changed!”

When you change your perception at the soul level, everyone around you seems to have changed with NPR.

NPR blows the Root Causes of Your Old Dysfunctional Conditioned Programs to Smithereens… Realigning You, Your Soul to Be the Powerful Truth of Who You Really Are.

Kiss Goodbye to Your Old Conditioned Limiting Programs,
And… Say Hello to the Real You!!