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The Power of Your Greatness

The Power of Your Greatness

99 Day Boot Camp Coaching Programs

Now It’s Time To Finally Put An End To The Frustrated And Lonely Feelings And Quickly Replace Them With an Inner Feeling of Fulfillment and Confidence About Having More Life Choices Unbelievably Fast!

Your 99 Day POWER OF LOVE Challenge!

The Power of Your Love On-Line 99 Day Boot Camp Coaching Program In The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

Would you love to fire up more passion, love, attraction authenticity, empowered communication and spirit into your current Relationship, Life and/or Business? Or, would you love to attract the love of your life into your life?  What would you do, or what action would you take, if you knew that –

The Power of Real Love is an Inside Job?

Follow Shivaya Reo as she takes you Step-By-Step to uncover the closely guarded secrets of what it really takes to take full ownership of The Power of Your Love in every area of your life and dreams, igniting more love, passion and connection into your life, business and relationships.

“What is a Relationship without Love, Intimacy & Gratitude?”  Just flat mates isn’t it?

“And, What is a Business without Heart, Spirit & Passion?”  Well, that is just a JOB!!  Like working to live or survive isn’t it … boring and/or stressful?

The Power of Real Love is an Inside Job 

Once you have the Courage (and yes, it does take courage to say a resounding YES to YOU) to becoming the Master of The Power of Love within you. It is a WHOLE lot easier to bring The Power of Your Love into every area of your life with our simple strategies. Just like you servicing your car regularly, your Heart centre (your true Power Centre) needs regular tune ups to ensure you release any resentments, bitterness and FEAR that is blocking the Flow of Your Powerful Love.

All neediness and dependencies just dissolve into nothingness and ……  You become the Power of Love!

Become more Confident About Having More Life Choices and freedom with Love AND Life Fulfilment!

Shivaya Reo - The Flow Coach for Entrepreneurs

The Power of Your Love 99 Day Boot Camp On-Line Coaching Program is facilitated by Shivaya Reo, The Flow Coach for Entrepreneurs.

Shivaya Reo is an International Speaker and Trainer, as well as aFlow Coach to Entrepreneurs.  She is the Founder of the cutting Edge Technology N.P.R. – Neural Pathway Reconnections, with over 25 years experience in transforming the lives of thousands of People.

N.P.R shifts Human Behaviour and Emotion in a very short space of time. It helps you to develop a psychology of resistence within yourself.

Have you ever wondered what it will be like to have THE POWER OF YOUR LOVE filtering through every area of your life and to have an Authentic Energy and Love Connection with your partner and Passion infused into your Business Life!

Or would you love to fire up more passion, love, attraction authenticity, empowered communication and spirit into all areas of your life?

How much longer are you willing to keep waiting or keep having the “wrong” people show up?

What if I told you that by aligning yourself, your thoughts and desires you can attract the Love of your Life and your dreams, so you can feel more confidence and have more life choices!

And… add more spark, love, connection, openness, power and understanding while re-awakening your current relationship, whilst bringing more love and passion into your Career?

Your Heart IS YOUR SECRET WEAPON, once you Learn How To Operate It!

Imagine what it will be like to instantly improve your relationships!

Some Of What You Will Get In This On-Line Program includes:

  • Get crystal clear on what you really want in your relationship
  • Reprogram and Re-train your mind to have The Power of Love fueling your life
  • Identify and commit to your deal breakers in your relationships & business
  • Reset your Love Radar to Authentically Powerful Love
  • Understand and find your compatible Personality types
  • Only attract the “best” relationships and connections for you and your highest good!
  • Access rapid action tools and techniques and totally transform your thinking habits
  • Learn to use the power of your mind extremely effectively – this will become a life long habit!
  • Empower your current relationship with more love, connection and intimacy
  • Understand the significance of embracing authentic Love at the cellular level – a New Way Of Being
  • Own an entirely New perspective, taking full Ownership within, of your profound ‘Love’
  • Claim and live that deep sense of belonging, giving yourself permission to fully be the real you naturally, with massive confidence, certainty and presence – all prentence gone
  • And so much, much more! Integrating 99 Days of Life Changing Habits
  • AND… all of this is in the comfort of your own home.

You may be asking yourself what will it mean to me to have all of this RIGHT NOW?

The simple fact is this … If you want to start having more life choices, attract the love of your life and create healthy boundaries … and if you’re REALLY committed and NOT just poking your toe in the water… then You are on the right page!

Are You Up for the 99 Day Challenge of Your Life?

Shivaya's powerful mind-body techniques get results faster and deeper than ever before, it gets to the real root of the emotional causes, rather than just easing the superficial surface stress.

Your ON-LINE Daily Coaching program Includes:

  • Class Audio Recordings From Live Classes – Every 2 Weeks
  • Daily Classes of Home/Fun Play. This includes writing, activity, mirror work, gratitude exercises, etc.
  • Weekend Days of reflection And self nurturing.
  • Face Book support Private Page for ALL participants of The Power Of Love and the advanced class The Power Of Your Spiritual Power.
  • Support Buddy System available


Normally $3000 – But For A Limited Time Only $950 (Full Payment upfront)


A payment plan is available.  Consisting of initial deposit $500, instalment at Day 22 of $250 and final instalment at Day 49 of $250.

To register your interest for Your Ultimate Life Changing Coaching Program, simply send us an email.