Have You Decided that You Are Coming On the Jet Plane?

Time fly’s when you are having FUN Doing what you Love?

If you know that you are joining us for tomorrows launch, for our First International DNA & Heart Activation Live Webinar you are probably already unconsciously gearing up for it.


You see, our sub-conscious and our unconscious always know what is best for us; sometimes we listen within & sometimes we don’t. In fact, most people hardly ever listen, unfortunately they have never learnt how.

I have learnt over the last 25 years of Coaching, that my Intuition is greater than GOLD! I Trust it to the Moon and Back, even when it touches my Fears! What I have also learnt, is that Action Cures Fear, and the quickest way to feel back in charge is to take action, and voila, the Comfort Zone is happily stretched!

If you know this is right for you, leap over the hurdle & register for your FREE DNA & Heart Activation Live Webinar for tomorrow 8pm Eastern Standard Time – Check you time zone http://internationaldnaactivation.gr8.com/ and be one of the lucky ones in line for a beautiful honouring life transformation.

Remember it is also the New Moon tomorrow – all about New Beginnings
Imagine… an activation every New Moon

We are looking forward to being with you tomorrow,

To the power of Your Trurh,

Shivaya Reo

P.S. Attention Perth – Still want an Activation in Perth as well, on Sat 18th? Email info@shivayareo.com to secure your space ASAP

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