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About Shivaya

Who is Shivaya Reo?

Entrepreneurial Flow Coach, Wealth Dynamics Master Wealth Practitioner, Creator of NPR, The Brain Whisperer, Mother.

People find Shivaya Reo, because their road of personal growth is blocked, or something is holding them back – even if they don’t realize it.  Shivaya is gifted with a powerful natural intuition that takes her direct to the problem core and makes clear how to quickly resolve it.

Where traditional techniques chip away at issues over months and years, Shivaya leads people to fast, empowering resolutions.

The many people who have benefited from her unique approach repeatedly emphasise the speed and depth with which she helped them achieve deep, lasting change.

Some are comfortable to talk in spiritual, self-growth terms, but there are many others who would scoff at anything too “alternative” or “soft” who prefer words like “practical”, “problem-solving”, “results-oriented” and “fast”.

So who is this woman who inspires such praise from diverse people?

Shivaya Reo has experience and qualifications in more healing and learning modalities than most people have even heard of (see Experience and Qualifications below).

Over a lifetime dedicated to the discovery of what works when it comes to restoring natural health and happiness, she has developed a unique skill that draws on a much recognised personal development and therapeutic techniques, without being limited to any of them.

What drives these skills is an extraordinary intuition and passion.

Skill, intuition, and passion together empower Shivaya to achieve exceptional results for people seeking to fast-track improvements in their lives. Her approach reignites the fire of purpose and passion that is fundamental to health, happiness and success in all areas of life and then provides whatever coaching is necessary to direct this energy into successful outcomes.

Some have described Shivaya as a Brain Whisperer for her ability to immediately tune into hidden and suppressed roadblocks.

Extraordinary Intuition

Intuition is sometimes decried as unscientific or illogical, but in reality, all decisions of consequence involve at least an element of intuition.

Intuition guides us from incomplete information to decision. Intuition enriches logic with sensitivity to unmeasured human factors like emotions, determination, and belief.

Intuition drives most major business decisions. And intuition is the only way to understand a whole human being. The truly extraordinary gift of Shivaya Reo is the natural power and accuracy of her intuition.

It may not be a skill that can be taught or even fully explained, but if you want to cut straight to the root of the problem and then leapfrog to the solution, reliable intuition saves a lot of time and angst.


Above all, however, is passion.

“Actually, all of healing and learning is about passion,” Shivaya explains. “When people are able to do what they want, what they are passionate about, road blocks fall away and they start to operate on a whole new level of living. All the great people of history, in every field, made a difference because they followed a passion.

"What I teach puts people back in touch with their passion."

A Personal Background

Shivaya Reo began her adult life on a conventional path, with marriage and children (she has four daughters).

When her second daughter was three, she got the news every mother must dread: her child had an aggressive form of leukaemia that would soon take her life.

Shocked and desperate, Shivaya refused to accept that her life – and her daughter’s life – was beyond her control. She decided to fight back.

With established medical science, she was just existing, there did not seem to be much hope or change, so Shivaya learned about energy work and mind-body techniques through an impassioned study of many different modalities.

Her success in saving her daughter led to early work with cancer sufferers, that soon blossomed into an in-demand career helping people free themselves from early roadblocks, addictions, to move on to much more successful, richer lives.

Experience and Qualifications

Shivaya Reo has experience and qualifications in more healing and learning techniques than most people have even heard of.

Over 20 years as a practitioner her perseverance and impatience for faster results has driven her constantly to explore, adapt, discard and refine. Today she delivers programs based on several proven techniques, but she takes them much deeper and further. Shivaya’s programs are enriched by the best parts of a dozen or more modalities.

While she acknowledges that the “warm fuzzies” of many “soft” modalities such as hands-on energy work have a role, she focuses on mind-body techniques. Re-wiring the Brain.

“Rigorous mind-body techniques get results faster and the effect is deeper, it gets to the root emotional causes rather than just easing the surface stress,” Shivaya says.

“My personal search has been driven by my determination for results which I always had a knowing were achievable. I am here to assist the client to clear out the problems, the causes of the ‘issues’ or limited beliefs, so people can get through to having the great life they desire and enjoy it!

“With what I am doing, when people are prepared to take responsibility for their life, with my support, guidance, coaching, and processes, they will see real changes within a few weeks. At the end of the day, we all have choices every minute of the day. Once we can accept that where we are right now is a result of our life experiences, both good and bad, we begin we are in a very powerful state, the time of Deciding to choose what we really do want.”

Her techniques use talking and writing exercises, tools anyone can use and be comfortable with.

Technically, her primary approach is based on Quantum Linguistics, which comes out of Neuro Linguistic Programming, but she has taken the approach further and deeper, achieving faster results in an advanced refined method that is now recognised as a new approach in its own right.

Shivaya has named it Neural Pathway Reconnections (NPR). It is now being taken up by other therapists, who train with her for an NPR qualification.

Shivaya Reo’s qualifications and experience include Executive Coach, Performance Consultant, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Master Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neural Pathway Reconnections (NPR), Quantum Linguistics and Wealth Dynamics Master Practitioner.