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Exclusive monthly membership with Shivaya Carolyne Reo

This Exclusive ‘The Power of YOU’ through the power of your love Self Mastery monthly Membership includes Laser Focusing to transform a different specific area of your life, each month, focused on you embracing and becoming more of the power of who you really are from within.


N.P.R. – Neural Pathway Reconnections, is a Rapid and Powerful technique for shifting old beliefs, habits and behaviours quickly and effectively from the root cause. You will not see this process anywhere else. Shivaya Carolyne Reo has created this continually evolving process over the last 20 plus years!


You will have first hand experience and life changes, as you go through the heart-mind changing processes, as you fully listen and feel the NPR process working through your heart, mind body and energy field, whilst implementing the tools and techniques consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously.

In Your Membership You Will Receive:

Monthly Self Mastery Audio’s, including NPR valued at $85 each. You will often receive extra bonus NPR audio's. NPR has the ability to help you raise your consciousness quickly, easily and gracefully. It couldn't be easier than that!


Heart Awakening & DNA Activation New Moon Webinar for each New Moon – assisting you to work at one with the Universal Energy Support, the Collective Consciousness which is always there for you, waiting for you to be ready to receive whole heartedly.

Self Mastery New Moon Goals - assisting you to choose and create your dreams and goals, in alignment with the most powerful energies available at the specific time you receive it in your inbox, and the following few days. You will also have the opportunity to choose your most important intent from each monthly list, and a Heart-Soul intent for your Activations. This is explained further within.

You will receive Recordings of the Self Mastery NPR’s and Activations for your Personal Use ~ Every month – it is highly recommended that you listen to these NPR audio’s many times, taking yourself through these paradigm shifts and transformations as if you are The One, as if it is you speaking, for your Optimum Results. Remember, this is a very unique process, which shifts road blocks at the deepest level I know! It's powerful stuff!

Recordings of the Heart Awakening & DNA Activations are for your own personal use over the 10 days following each New Moon, whilst we are still in that specific months New Moon energy. The closer to the New Moon date in your area, the more effective it is. These Activations are hugely beneficial in helping to raise your consciousness, those around you and on our planet. Each time you participate, you are indeed helping the planet as well as yourself.

Become a part of our Private FB Support Page NPR Life Self Mastery Community for further growth and support. You will also see what is coming up, request specific topics, and share your journey if you choose.

What NPR listeners are saying about the power of love…
From the ‘I AM Slim & Vibrantly Healthy’ NPR -“Listening to your NPR audios, not only helps me ‘disappear weight, but mental weight as well. I also manifest what I want soooo much easier. Thanks Shivaya!”


“I too am grateful for the spin-offs or side effects that are not necessarily about the NPR topic of the audio. I feel so much more energized and I am naturally interrupting the chatter that used to take me down into the hole of despair. I am feeling like I am the master of my own destiny now.”


“Interesting! – My thoughts seem to be rearranging themselves!”


“My self confidence and ownership of my life and feelings is showing up in every area of my life, as if by magic. I am absolutely loving the results I am automatically getting from listening to the different NPR audios everyday. Thank you, thank you.”

I look forward to embracing you in or evolving Soul growing community,

Shivaya Carolyne Reo

Your Monthly Membership investment is only $49.97 for Foundation Members