What is 'Neural Pathway Rewiring?'

and how does it profoundly transform your life instantly and permanently?

puzzle-headWe humans create our perception and understanding of our world through words and feelings. The meaning we ascribe to words and the rules of grammar we use to assemble them into sentences necessarily define structure and create our understanding of ‘the world.’

We use words as symbols to represent sometimes complex concepts and we use grammar to help us manipulate and explore those concepts,

This is a two-way street; just as our experience shapes the way we use language, so language shapes our perceptions of reality.

We can use this interplay between words and perception to consciously reshape not just our view of the world, but how the world actually works for us: our reality.

Quantum Linguistics is a scientific model of human behaviour that has been developed by a wide community of researchers and practitioners and is now taught systematically, under informal qualification systems for practitioners.

Quantum Linguistics focuses on the relationship between language, thought and action. It implies a movement of thought patterns, which is initiated by exploring multiple dimensions or quadrants of an issue.

These quadrants are defined theoretically using a formal mathematical model of Cartesian Quadrants derived from Calculus. They look at an issue from both positive and negative, action and non-action perspectives, to explore the full range of possible outcomes in the perceived world.

In this way ordinary people can use the structure of language to take apart seemingly difficult situations that might require years of self-development to solve.

Quantum Linguistics complements conventional linguistics in the same way quantum physics complements conventional physics: it’s a different viewpoint and analysis that creates startling insights .

Quantum Linguistics is a sound and proven theoretical base which underpins Shivaya’s work. And, due to her education, experience and highly developed intuition and skills, Shivaya has the ability to take it further and deeper, to deliver on her driving passion: faster more profound results, instantly changing the way we perceive, react and act.