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What Others Are Saying

What others are saying about flow coaching with Shivaya Reo

Hi Shivaya,

Thankyou for the session. I played my cello this afternoon. Although I am a beginner I was able to get back into my own energy again. I felt lifted and released, and when I went into my studio it felt bigger and lighter. I was at my Learning Microsoft Word class this evening and I felt a lot of black like tar ooze out of the base of my neck and down my back.

Also, my Dad decided to by a large plazma TV and a new washing machine out of the blue this afternoon. He had been procrastinating about it for sometime.

I would like to book another appointment possibly in the morning if its available?

Teresa Pirovich

Good morning Shivaya!

Just a quick email to say “thank you” because I feel so much better today. I have not felt this light in over a month. After yesterday the heaviness has gone and the pain is moving away!!

You will also be pleased to know that I did go into action last night!! And also put a fire under Jon’s bum but in a nice way

Last night I did my profile and what do you know, I’m a LORD! I’ve attached my profile to this email as I thought you might like to have a look at it. I also looked up the available properties to buy with Trade Dollars and found out something interesting. They have just launched the company to the USA and have a lot of properties available at 25-30% trade. Now, I know the property market over in the US is not very good at the moment for capital growth but it is very good for high rental yields. Anyway I find all this very interesting and I am going to have to do some investigating into what exactly a lord is.

I have also made an appointment for the 29th October to see a property investing advisor who uses the positive cash flow strategy .

I hope that’s enough action for 24hours!!!
Love Sarah

Dear Shivaya

In every aspect of my life I was lost, confused and had no clue where l was going. I could never work out why l couldn’t find my way in life despite working twice as hard as others around me.

Within a few sessions, life became more focused, clear and uncluttered.
While I still have a lifetime of learning, l am free to be the true me and understand, what makes my life complete.

I’m now on the track of true happiness, a full life and most importantly love.

From deep inside myself, thank you, Shivaya.
Tracey Rayment.