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Global Heart Awakening & DNA Activation

Global Heart Awakening & DNA Activation

Take Back Control and Step Into Your Power!

Find out more from Shivaya Reo, founder of Power of Love Coaching AND your International DNA & Heart Activation Guide

Are You Ready For Your DNA and Heart Activation?

Are you ready to release the restrictions?

It is time to harness the Power of Your Intention! Catch the wave of Stepping into Your Power … Access the hidden and often forgotten Power that we ALL have within us – The core of who you are on a day-to-day basis is determined by your DNA, you can take charge of your DNA!

Until 10 years ago scientists told us that you could not repair, influence or nourish your DNA. Research has since confirmed that we can not only repair but enhance our DNA function.

Think about it … Authentically empowered from your core!

Imagine the inner power, in fact the effortless Power that you are embracing to truly step into your Powerful Truth.

At Power Love we have embraced the very latest and most effective tools that have come through Neuroplasticity, NLP and we are now embracing NeuroScience to bring you the Global Heart Awakening & DNA Activation webinars, in the comfort of your own home.

Imagine the latest and most profound tools here to assist you to shine!

You may be asking how does it work?  Great question!

And NO – there are NO medical interventions. We harness a deep and powerful process through relaxation, meditation, group intention (there is scientific research to back this up) and neuroplasticity tools that create a powerful platform for healing and getting powered up through connecting with your higher purpose.


REGISTER to be a part of our FREE Global Heart Awakening & DNA Activation. Each Activation is supported by complimentary energies as the Activations will be on the New Moon; an exceptional time to do high level powerful goal setting. There will be a Global Heart Awakening & DNA Activation on each New Moon of the year, each one having a different theme, supporting your personal growth!

Imagine an Activation and Goal Setting it certainly does create momentum!

When you Register, we will send you the date and time for the Activation via Email.
We invite you to share the LOVE and invite your friends, family.  In fact, anyone you know who is open to supercharging their lives, to step into their Power and take charge of their life.

If you haven’t Registered to attend the online event, and have some questions head over to our Global Heart Awakening & DNA Activation Group on Facebook and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

We at Power of Love are excited to be bringing this beautiful and honoring process for you to step into your Personal Power by having you join us for our Global Heart Awakening & DNA Activation group.

Still not convinced? Listen to what others are saying ...

Dr Joe Kosterich
Dr Joe Kosterich
“Our DNA (genetics carries the code for who we are and informs everything our body does. Can we influence our DNA? Research is increasingly telling us we can.
Shivaya Reo’s DNA & Heart Activation sessions are uplifting and help us with our purpose. They are both relaxing and deeply Spiritual.”
Jeanette Jeha
Jeanette Jeha
“I have been working in the healing & functional medicine field for over 13 years & have never had as many massive shifts in both consciousness & wellbeing than when I started having DNA and Heart Activations with Shivaya Reo and the Power of Love Team. Highly recommend it for everyone serious about transformation.”
Kym Thomas
Kym Thomas
“So grateful to be able to be part of the DNA & Heart activation, it felt so grounding and I really felt the spiritual encompassment and enlightenment.  On the way home I felt whole again and able to work and play at another level.  Thank you Shivaya for taking me on such a fabulous journey.”