What is Stopping You from Being Who You Want to Be?

I am sure it is not you, is it?

If we are really honest with ourselves, we actually know that to be the truth, because we are the only ones who can take that massive leap of faith… and go for what we really want in life.

Right now, you can leap over & register for your FREE DNA & Heart Activation 

http://internationaldnaactivation.gr8.com/ and be one of the lucky ones in line for your transformation.

If know this is right for you, and you are ready to take much greater charge of your life and outcomes, we will be excited to have you join on our FIRST Activation Live-Webinar.

As I am sure you can tell, we are really excited about this, as we have had sooo many people wanting to get in on the act and be in line for their life transformations and be realigned to their truth – finally we can do it for you.

Even better – we have aligned this DNA & Heart Activation Webinar with the New Moon for extra OO-AARR

Here you go http://internationaldnaactivation.gr8.com/

Looking forward to seeing you VERY soon,

To the power of Your Trurh,


Shivaya Reo

P.S. Attention Perth – Still want an Activation in Perth as well, on Sat 18th? Emailinfo@shivayareo.com to secure your space.

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